Who we are

Duckservice in Bad Bentheim

Since 1996 we repair almost only the famous ugly duck, we tell the hobby years we quickly come to more than 22 years 2CV experience.

We are therefore specialized in making the duck more sustainable. That is, for us, the most important thing is that the duck can still be used as a daily car in the future. After all, a vintage car that you can only look at has lost its right to exist somewhere.

And now tell me, what could be more fun about a duck than riding it?

Since the beginning, we have considered the duck to be a serious real car, a genius invention of the company lemon. Even in 2012, the duck can easily measure up to modern cars in its price range. Where it comes to driving comfort, practicality and fuel consumption, driving pleasure and certainly in terms of depreciation!

If well restored and maintained! So for us no cut or sticky holes fill with polyester and things like that.

This kind of repair's were perhaps in the 80's normal with the current scarcity of good 2CVs so this really can't anymore.

With friendly greeting,
Frank on the Weegh &Julian on the Weegh

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